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What does a vocational rehabilitation specialist do?

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  • AMark Dickey , NASM Elite Trainer, Fitness, answered

    A vocational rehabilitation specialist primary purpose is to manage and assist individuals with: work place, auto or personal injuries; physical or mental disabilities; visual and communicative impairments; to the stated goal of obtaining a suitable and gainful position /employment. The vocational rehabilitation specialist will perform complex professional work in the consultation and monitoring of the individual’s case, including: guidance and counseling, client training, and specialized job placement. Additional vocational rehabilitation specialist responsibilities may include evaluating client work capacities, providing assistive technology services and administering tests to determine vocational aptitudes, interests, abilities, and potential of clients.

    Needless to say the vocational rehabilitation specialist provides a very valuable and necessary service.

  • ALIVESTRONG answered
    A vocational rehabilitation specialist evaluates whether someone can return to work and if so how best to accomplish this. This may involve the use of special equipment such as a one-handed computer keyboard. If it is necessary for someone to work in an entirely new occupation, vocational retraining may be offered.
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