When should I go to the emergency room for a headache?

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  • Call 911 or go to the hospital emergency room if:
    • You have a headache that comes on suddenly and is very bad
    • You have a headache that is your "worst ever"
    • You have a headache with slurred speech, change in eyesight, problems moving your arms or legs, dizziness, confusion, or memory loss
    • You have a headache that gets worse and worse over 24 hours
    • You have a headache along with a fever, stiff neck, nausea, and throwing up
    • Your headache is from a head injury
    • You have a very bad headache around one eye, with redness in that eye
    • You are over age 50 and your headaches have begun recently -- especially if you have trouble seeing or have pain while chewing
  • ARealAge answered
    You may have a headache emergency if you are experiencing the following:
    • severe headache with sudden onset
    • headache pain that feels like an explosion or thunderclap
    • severe headache that is clearly your worst-ever headache
    • headache pain that is becoming worse and won't go away
    • persistent headache after an injury to the head
    • headache accompanied by any of these symptoms: a stiff neck, severe pain when bending over, confusion, convulsions, loss of consciousness, or persistent, severe vomiting

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