How do I prevent headaches from recurring?

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  • AMehmet Oz, MD, Cardiology, answered
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    Drugs to treat pain can actually bring on headaches if you take them too often. Find out if certain pills can trigger head pain as Dr. Oz discusses medications in this video about treating headaches.

  • AMark Green, MD, Neurology, answered on behalf of The Mount Sinai Health System

    Migraine is the most common significant type of headache and is, by nature, recurring. To minimize recurrences, try to manage your triggers to the best of your ability, which can be quite helpful. If your attacks are frequent, your doctor can prescribe preventive medications which you will have to take daily.

  • AAngela Lowery, DNP, Family Medicine, answered
    In addition to preventive medications, you can prevent headaches by eating well balanced meals, getting adequate sleep and avoiding foods that are commonly known to trigger headaches. Some food that are known as triggers are MSG, meats with sodium nitrate, aged cheese, wheat, red wine, chocolate,  and yeast. There may be other triggers specific to your headaches.
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