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What are the risks of a tube-shunt surgery for glaucoma?

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    Complications of tube-shunt surgery that may develop right after surgery include:

    • High pressure in the eye, causing the space in the front part of the eye (anterior chamber) to collapse (malignant glaucoma).
    • Inflammation in the eye.
    • Bleeding or blood in the eye (hyphema).
    • Softening of the eyeball due to fluid loss (hypotony).
    • Movement of the tube causing it to come in contact with the clear cover of the eye (cornea), the iris or the lens. This can affect vision or proper function of the eye.

    Late complications of tube-shunt surgery include:

    • Scar tissue forming around the device. The chances of this complication can be reduced if medicines, such as steroids, are used.
    • Softening of the eyeball due to fluid loss (hypotony), leading to clouding of the lens (cataract).
    • Infection in the eye.
    • Blood in the eye (hyphema).
    • Eye muscle imbalance, resulting in double vision.

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