What can I do about acid reflux?

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  • ALaura Motosko, MSEd, RD, Nutrition & Dietetics, answered

    See your doctor who can prescribe medication if you have acid reflux. Medical nutrition therapy for acid reflux includes reducing high fat foods, spicy foods, alcohol as well as mint, chocolate and spearmint. Reflux is reduced by decreasing the volume of food and liquid in your stomach at one time. Drink fluids between meals, taking small sips at meals. Eat small, frequent meals. Remain elevated 2 hours after eating. 

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  • ARobynne Chutkan, MD, Gastroenterology, answered
    Reflux is your body knocking on your door saying, "I don't like how you've been treating me. All that caffeine and alcohol and cheesecake and burgers is making me sick." You don't need your doctor to tell you what's going on -- your body is telling you! You just need to listen.

    Lifestyle modifications (aka "listening") remain the cornerstone of therapy, but alas, a harder pill to swallow than the little purple pill. The little purple pill and other acid blockers do a great job at neutralizing stomach acid. When we put someone on one of these drugs, within a few days they usually call to say how much better they are. The problem is these drugs work so well that people have no incentive to mend their ways -- as long as they take their pill they can often continue to eat pizza at 10 p.m. and feel just fine.
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