Fungal Infections

What type of socks help prevent toenail fungus?

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  • AChristopher Chiodo, MD, Orthopedic Surgery, answered
    Some types of socks and hose trap moisture, which encourages fungal growth. Natural fibers such as cotton absorb moisture efficiently in clothing exposed continually to the air, but when it comes to socks, there's no place for the moisture to go because the feet are encased in shoes. Cotton's wonderful absorbent quality suddenly becomes a disadvantage, and your feet may feel sweaty and damp, especially after exercising. Synthetic materials that are designed to "wick" away moisture, allowing it to evacuate up the leg, are often the best choice. Most socks today are a blend of 80% cotton with 20% synthetic fiber (such as polyester or acrylic), although some are entirely synthetic, the better choice. Wool socks can keep your feet warmer, but may cause them to perspire excessively, which encourages fungal growth.
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