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America's 10 Best Cities for Fitness
The ratio of hours the average American spends watching TV to hours spent exercising

AC Nielsen/U.S. Census Bureau

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Do these 5-move mini-routines two to three times a week and you'll be well on your way to a toned, sculpted body in no time! 


5 Moves to Tone Your Legs and Butt 5 Moves for a Firm Core 5 Moves for Your Arms, Shoulders and Chest 5 Moves for a Full-Body Stretch Learn More: See All Fitness Articles

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Find out how your fitness habits are affecting your RealAge and receive a custom action plan to grow younger.

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Take the RealAge Test

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Fitness Tip

Fitness Tip

Why Outdoor Workouts Work Better

Pounding away on a treadmill under fluorescent lights in a stuffy gym couldn't sound any less appealing. Until now. This workout choice may be holding your health back.

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What to Eat When You're Exercising

You're exercising and committed to a healthier lifestyle. The next step is to eat right for the active you. Our recipes . .  .

Fuel your workouts


Many people say that they simply don't have the time to exercise. While this may be perfectly true in a fast-paced world, there are certain things you can do to incorporate exercise into your daily life without allotting much time for it. It all starts with a good attitude and a little bit of action each day . . .

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