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What is first aid?

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  • First aid is the immediate help given in the event of an injury or illness. First aid can be simple measures to help healing and recovery, such as putting a bandage over a wound. In other cases, it may help minimize further injuries, or even save a life, if used during a cardiac arrest or choking episode, for example. The process for giving first aid can vary dramatically depending on the injury or illness. It is often helpful to have a basic first aid kit on hand to help administer treatment.

  • First aid is the immediate medical help given to people for very minor injuries, or the help given to people until they can be seen by a medical professional who can take care of their injuries or medical problems. First aid may include cleaning and bandaging wounds, attempting to stop bleeding, protecting the safety of the injured person until the ambulance arrives or the person can be taken to a hospital, or even providing basic medications such as aspirin if a heart attack is suspected. However, it is important to remember that if the person has more than a minor scrape or cut, he may need immediate medical attention after first aid.
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