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What should I think about if I wear contact lenses?

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    After going through the time and expense of fitting contact lenses, some people find that they are not able to wear them. Allergies, dry eyes, discomfort during the adaptation period and the "hassle factor" are frequent causes of not being able to wear contacts.

    It may take time to find the type of contact lens and a wearing schedule that is best for you. A wide variety of lenses is available. When you choose a lens, think about cost, comfort, quality, cleaning time and safety. Look for an eye care professional who is willing to work with you to select the best type of lens for your needs and lifestyle.

    Many people have problems with their contacts because they don't follow instructions on wearing time, disinfection and other cleaning and care practices. For best results and to protect your eye health, follow all instructions closely.

    Daily disposable lenses are the safest soft contact lenses for your eyes.

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