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What can be done for eyelashes that grow inward?

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  • AGary Hirshfield, MD, Ophthalmology, answered on behalf of American Academy of Ophthalmology's EyeSmart

    Trichiasis, or eyelashes that grow inward, can cause problems starting with persistent foreign body sensation, chronic irritation and ultimately, damage to the ocular surface.  The first step is to have the lashes pulled out.  If they recur too frequently then slightly more invasive procedures can be used such as electrocautery or cryo (freezing) therapy of the eyelash bulb to prevent recurrence.  Finally, you may need surgery to both remove the entire eyelash from inside the lid with the bulb as well as surgical eyelid repositioning procedures.  Rarely, using an ointment on the eyelid margin and mechanically directing the lashes away from the eye can help.

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