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When might I need laser surgery for the elevated pressure in my eyes?

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  • AWayne Bizer, Ophthalmology, answered on behalf of American Academy of Ophthalmology's EyeSmart
    Elevated pressure in the eye is usually treated with medical eye drops until and unless the drops fail to achieve the proper lowering of the eye pressure as determined by your ophthalmologist (eye doctor). One reason for this practice pattern is the fact that laser surgery, even as safe and easy as it is, is surgery, and every surgery can have some kind of complication. If a patient has a complication with medical eye drops, the drops can be stopped and another kind of drop used in its place without any surgical risk. Sometimes an ophthalmologist may think that a laser treatment is a better way to control the pressure in the eye than eye drops, even when the drops are working properly. One example to this reasoning is with a patient who does not seem to be able to use their drops as directed, whether that is a question of compliance, hand tremor, arthritis, or other causes like difficulty with hand-eye coordination. There is more than one kind of laser that can be used to lower the pressure in the eye, and each of them is used slightly differently. Please discuss this with your ophthalmologist.
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