Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

What is latex band treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED)?

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  • ADebra Fulghum Bruce PhD, Healthcare, answered

    If there is not enough blood flow to the penis, or if the veins do not remain narrowed to maintain an erection, treatment options include a latex band to constrict just enough to prevent blood flow away from the penis, which can maintain the erection. This can be easily controlled by the user to adjust the amount of compression pressure. The latex rubber loop is stretched and placed around the penis and placed at the base of the penis.

    One end of the latex band is pulled away from the penis until the band is snug around the base of the penis. The tension of the latex band can be increased or lessened to have the desired effect on erection. The least tension which maintains the erection is used. After use, it is loosened and removed from the penis. There are no injections or medications to take which might have side effects.

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