Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

What are alternative treatments for erectile dysfunction (ED)?

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  • AJack Merendino, MD, Endocrinology/diabetes/metabolism, answered on behalf of The Best Life

    There are other treatment options for erectile dysfunction (ED). Alprostadil is a medication that improves blood flow to the penis and improves erections. It can be given either by injection (Caverject and other brands) at the base of the penis or by putting an alprostadil gel (brand name MUSE) directly into the urethra, using a thin tube and a little lubricant so it slides in easily. The medicine is absorbed from the lining of the urethra into the surrounding tissues. The shot is less appealing to most people, of course, but more effective.

    Vacuum devices can also be used to treat ED. A gentle vacuum pulls blood into the penis, and then a rubber band -- type device placed at the base of the penis prevents the blood from flowing out. If other options are not successful, a penile implant can be placed surgically.

    And we shouldn't forget that intercourse with an erect penis isn't the only form of sexual intimacy. Some couples dealing with erectile dysfunction find that they can have a rich sex life even without full erections. A sex therapist or counselor can often be of help here.

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