How can I soothe my itchy skin from eczema?

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  • Good skin care routines can help you avoid the itchy skin that comes from eczema flare-ups. Using good emollients and avoiding possible irritants such as fragrances found in detergents and soaps can decrease your risk for an eczema flare-up. Cotton clothing, double rinsing the laundry and avoidance of fabric softeners may also be helpful. If you are experiencing an eczema flare-up, a short course of topical steroids prescribed by your healthcare provider may be needed to treat your itchy skin. 
  • AMehmet Oz, MD, Cardiology (Cardiovascular Disease), answered
    Want to soothe the red, itchy skin associated with eczema? Try sprinkling a half-cup of baking soda into a warm bath and soak for 15 minutes for instant relief.
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