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What do healthy portions of food look like?

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  • ARovenia Brock, PhD, Nutrition & Dietetics, answered
    Know your portions when you see them! Here’s how:
    1. Brown rice, other whole grains, and mashed potatoes should look like half of a baseball.
    2. A whole-grain muffin should like a tennis ball, that’s all.
    3. A serving of fruit juice -- think small cup of yogurt.
    4. Fish, chicken, and lean red meats that are 2-3 ounces should resemble a deck of cards.
    5. A serving of raw almonds is 22 nuts but to “eye-proximate” a handful or serving of nuts in general, think about what 1 and a half golf balls look like. That’s your mark.
    6. A serving of potato chips (because I know you’ll eat them at some point)  an ounce (which equals 1 serving) looks like a half of grapefruit. You’ve got to admit though, a half of ruby red grapefruit, sweet and juicy gives a much bigger bang for your nutrition buck.
    7.  serving of low-fat vanilla ice cream (because I know you’re going to eat ice cream too) should look like a half of a orange.
    8. A one-ounce serving of cheese looks like a pair of dice.
    9. Vegetable serving sizes vary slightly but not much. A serving of raw leafy veggies is 1 cup while a serving of cooked vegetables is half a cup, not the full plate typically served in many restaurants.
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