Dry Socket

How does dry socket affect the body?

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  • Dry socket affects the body by causing pain. This condition happens when a blood clot is lost from the socket of an extracted tooth. The exposed bone and nerves cause severe pain that may radiate out to the ear or eye. This condition is temporary and goes away in a week or two.

  • ARealAge answered
    Dry socket will not usually affect the body. Dry socket is a condition that sometimes occurs after a tooth is extracted. When the empty socket is slow to heal, the condition can be very painful for several days. Your dentist's treatment may include cleaning the site and placing a medicated dressing in the socket, which helps relieve pain. The dentist may change the dressing daily until the pain diminishes and the socket begins to heal.

    If the dry socket is untreated and leads to infection, it might then affect your body and health. If an infection occurs, your dentist will likely recommend an antibiotic.
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