Down Syndrome

What is the average life expectancy of a person with Down syndrome?

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  • Before much was known about Down syndrome, its related health conditions and disorders, the life expectancy of an adult with the genetic disorder was very low (less than 10 years). These days, doctors tend to know many of the typical medical problems a person with Down syndrome might develop, so they are able to diagnose conditions much earlier and prescribe treatment accordingly. Generally, adults with Down syndrome today are living into their 50s and some are living beyond that. Life expectancy may increase as more awareness and knowledge of the genetic disorder is brought to light.

  • The average life expectancy for those with Down syndrome has increased as our knowledge of the condition has improved. We are now seeing these individuals live beyond the age of 50 in some cases. Some individuals are more severely affected with cardiac, obesity, dementia, leukemia, and other issues and as a result their life expectancy may be shortened.
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