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How do I buy insurance for medical long-term disability?

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  • AMichael Roizen, MD, Internal Medicine, answered
    If you have a job with benefits, you either are automatically eligible for long-term disability or can purchase it through work as supplemental coverage. Otherwise, there are private companies that offer long-term medical disability insurance. Just make sure you don’t confuse it with a long-term care insurance plan. They are as different as strawberries and mangos.
  • AUnitedHealthcare answered

    The first place you can check to buy insurance for medical long-term disability is with your employer. Many businesses offer group disability insurance that you can purchase for a monthly fee. If your company does not provide a group plan, you may want to purchase a private medical long-term disability plan. There are many insurance agents who sell these plans. You might ask your life insurance agent or homeowner’s insurance agent if he or she handles medical long-term disability insurance. This type of policy requires a physical examination. However, the insurance company cannot cancel your coverage as long as you pay your premiums.

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