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What foods can help me lose fat from my upper arms?

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  • AMehmet Oz, MD, Cardiology, answered

    Flabby upper arms, also referred to as “bat wings,” can be a trouble spot for many women. Fat deposits stored here tend to be concentrated in this area because your body wants to keep them as energy reserves. To lose stubborn fat in your upper-arm area, consume the following every day for one week:

    • 6 cups of parsley tea daily
    • 3 sweet potatoes, one at every meal
    Parsley contains powerful antioxidants, has diuretic effects, and may help balance hormones that otherwise allow you to store fat in certain body areas such as your arms. Drinking parsley in tea form promotes satiety so you feel full. Parsley tea is available at natural food stores and online.

    In addition, make sweet potatoes your only carb at every single meal -- breakfast, lunch and dinner -- for one week. Sweet potatoes are low-glycemic foods, as opposed to foods with a high-glycemic index that spike hormone levels linked to arm fat. Enjoy sweet potatoes each day in different ways, such as in pancakes for breakfast, baked “fake fries” for lunch, or baked for dinner.
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