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Is No Salt a good salt alternative?

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  • AChris Kilham, Alternative & Complementary Medicine, answered
    Without any salt in the diet, you will die, plain and simple. A small amount of salt in food is healthy and essential to stay alive. So no, No Salt is not a smart idea at all. 
  • AVandana R. Sheth, Nutrition & Dietetics, answered on behalf of Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
    No Salt substitute has 650mg potassium for 1/4 tsp and no sodium. Extra potassium can be of concern for people with kidney problems and or those taking certain medications such as potassium sparing medicines or blood pressure medicines. It is always best to check with your physician prior to using a salt substitute (potassium containing). Instead, use herbs, spices and citrus juices to flavor food.
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