What should I know about getting dentures for tooth loss (edentulism)?

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  • ARealAge answered

    If you have lost your teeth, whether because of injury or disease, dentures can help. If your dentist suggests conventional dentures, you won't receive the dentures until all your teeth have been removed and you've healed from the removal process, which could take several months. If your dentist suggests immediate complete dentures, you will have a model of your jaw  made during an "introductory" visit. With this type of denture, you don't have to go several months without teeth, because your dentist places the immediate dentures right after the last of your natural teeth are removed.

    Whichever dentures you and your dentist decide on, you will likely notice a big difference in your daily life. With dentures, you will be able to eat and talk as usual. Dentures also can help prevent your facial muscles from sagging.

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