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What are the disadvantages of porcelain veneers?

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  • AJonathan B. Levine, DMD, Dentist, answered
    The disadvantages of porcelain veneers are:
    • Considerably longer time commitment during the application period.
    • Veneers are more difficult to repair.
    • Veneers can be quite costly.
    • Veneers irreversibly change the size of your tooth.
  • ARealAge answered
    Like any dental veneer, porcelain veneers carry risks. The primary disadvantages of porcelain veneers include:
    • High price. Porcelain veneers are expensive.
    • Irreversible. To apply porcelain veneers, your dentist needs to remove a lot of tooth enamel. This will be noticeable if the veneers are removed.
    • Sensitivity. Your teeth will likely be very sensitive because so much tooth enamel has been removed. You may experience discomfort when eating hot or cold foods or drinks.
    • Porcelain veneers are strong but can crack, dislodge, and fall out.
    • Unrepairable. Unlike composite veneers, porcelain veneers can’t be repaired if they crack, chip, or become dislodged. Instead they will need replaced.
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