Dental Emergency

Is losing a filling or crown a dental emergency?

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  • ADe Vizio, DMD, Dentistry, answered on behalf of Colgate
    You should not wait too long to see a dentist if you lose a filling. Although it is not technically a dental emergency, it could become one because the crown without a filling is weakened, and the dentin of the tooth is exposed to the air and bacteria of the mouth. Here are some things to do if you lose a filling:

    *Clove oil applied to the location of the lost filling may provide some pain relief
    *Clean the crown and see if it will fit back onto your tooth
    *If you have lost the crown, temporary dental cement can help protect the tooth until you can see a dentist

    Your dentist will  remove any additional decay and put in a new filling.
  • APhilip Uffer, DDS, Dentistry, answered

    I usually let the patient tell me ;)

    If they are in pain or they are self-conscious about it then it is an emergency.

    It is best to try and get in as soon as you are able to have the problem evaluated/corrected.

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