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What costs more, veneers or crowns?

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  • AThomas Connelly, Dentist, answered
    They are actually fairly similar in time spent, so the price is going to be pretty close. I will say that Veneers are usually more cosmetic in nature, so there might be a little more attention paid to the actual look of the smile, especially on front teeth. This isn't to say crowns don't get that attention, but if the reason you are sitting in my chair is cosmetic, well, that's the main focus then.
  • ARita Medwid, Dentist, answered
    The cost can be similar or the veneer slightly higher, depending on the degree of detail and artwork involved. Some dentists charge more for the six front teeth than the back teeth, since the shape, color and texture is so critical to a beautiful smile, and this may be whether it is a veneer or a crown. For your health you do not want to decide on which is less expensive. If the crown will give a better looking and more functional tooth, than go with that. Talk with your dentist, and make the decision together.
  • AArnold Liebman, Dentist, answered

    Typically veneers and crowns cost the same. The amount of dental chair time and laboratory expense to the dentist is similar for either a veneer or crown.

  • AJerry Gordon, Dentist, answered
    Most dentists charge a little more for porcelain veneers than crowns. The reason is that veneers are used for mainly cosmetic purposes and there is more artistry involved in that type of treatment.
  • ARealAge answered
    Crowns usually cost more than porcelain veneers. Crowns or veneers might be covered if you can prove to your insurance company that there is a medical necessity, but there may be an annual limit. So this could influence treatment decisions if there are many teeth involved.
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