Drink Orange Juice for Optimum Joint Health

Drink Orange Juice for Optimum Joint Health

Your joints may reap some sweet rewards if you treat your taste buds to a tall glass of orange juice every morning.

Authors of a recent study concluded that beta-cryptoxanthin intake could be quite helpful in reducing the risk of polyarthritis -- a joint condition most often triggered by the autoimmune system. And the benefits of orange juice include plenty of this compound.

Juiced-Up Joint Health
When researchers gave a diet survey to a large group of middle-aged and older European adults, people with the highest amounts of beta-cryptoxanthin in their diets were less likely to develop polyarthritis than the people with the lowest intakes. Researchers speculate that adding just one glass of fresh-squeezed OJ a day could provide enough beta-cryptoxanthin to protect against the inflammatory joint condition. (Have joint pain right now? Answer a few quick questions to find out what could be causing it.)

The Awesome Stuff in Oranges
The benefits of orange juice and oranges don’t stop at beta-cryptoxanthin. They are also great sources of vitamin C -- another important nutrient for joint health. And although the researchers suspect that beta-cryptoxanthin may do the best job of protecting against oxidative damage to joint linings, other carotenoids -- like zeaxanthin -- may help, too. Use this shopping list to pick out more joint-friendly foods.

And keep your knees feeling fine with these other lifestyle tips and strategies: