Chemical Toxins

What is a toxin?

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    A toxin is a poison made by living cells or organisms. Toxins can cause health problems on contact or when they are absorbed by the body.

    The severity of a reaction to a toxin varies greatly. A bee sting causes a minor reaction in most people. But eating food containing botulinum toxin can cause a deadly reaction.

    Usually, the severity of the health problem caused by a toxin depends on:

    • How often a person is exposed to the toxin.
    • How much toxin was in contact with or absorbed by the body.
    • How poisonous the toxin is.

    Treatment can be as simple as staying away from the toxin and limiting future exposure. In some cases, treatment with substances, such as anti-venom, can prevent serious illness. Fortunately, the levels of most toxins in the environment are low.

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