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Cervical Cancer Action Plans

Whether you want to prevent cervical cancer or need tips for coping with a cervical cancer diagnosis, these Action Plans can help.


2-Step Plan to Prevent Cervical Cancer Strategies for Choosing the Best Doctor 3 Ways to Cope with Cancer Survival Tips from Doctors with Cancer How HDL Levels Lowers Cancer Risk


A pap smear used to be a yearly ritual, but many women can now safely wait three to five years between pap tests, depending on their age and whether they add an HPV test to the screening.

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Health Alert

Health Alert

Does the Pill Really Increase Cervical Cancer Risk?

Research shows being on birth control pills may slightly raise your risk of cervical cancer, but there are benefits too.

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Timing is everything when it comes to the HPV vaccine that protects against cervical cancer, but it can be hard to decide when the time is right. Read this to find out at what age one of the developers of the vaccine, Diane Harper, MD, recommends girls receive the vaccine.

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