What are examples of aerobic exercise?

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  • Exercise so that your heart, lungs, and muscles work harder. This is called aerobic exercise. Examples are:
    • Fast walking
    • Jogging or running
    • Cycling
    • Cross-country skiing
    • Dancing
    • Hiking
    • Swimming
  • Aerobic exercise is any exercise that raises the heart rate and increases respiration (breathing).  Some examples include walking, running, performing intervals on an elliptical machine, and a resistance training circuit that has little to no rest between exercises.

  • Here are some examples of aerobic exercise:
    • Take a brisk walk (outside or inside on a treadmill)
    • Go dancing
    • Take a low-impact aerobics class
    • Swim or do water aerobic exercises
    • Try ice-skating or roller-skating
    • Play tennis
    • Ride your bicycle outside
    • Ride your stationary bicycle indoors
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