How can I cut calories from fast food?

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  • AMehmet Oz, MD, Cardiology, answered
    Here are three ways to cut calories and fat no matter which fast food restaurant you place your order:
    • Road Rule #1: Start every fast food meal with a side salad or even chili. You’ll get far more nutrients than you would from most other drive-through dishes. Plus, you’ll fill up faster, allowing you to shrink down both your normal burger order and your waistline!
    • Road rule #2: Add your own flavor elevators. Most of us turn to salt to punch up the flavor in our meals. Of course, that same salt wreaks havoc on our arteries, leading to all sorts of problems like high blood pressure and even heart disease. Instead of salt, ketchup, or mayo, try keeping a “flavor elevator” in your glove box. Red pepper flakes, Sriracha (a Thai hot sauce), or garlic powder all make great salt alternatives, punching up flavor while cutting back on sodium. And if you forget your flavor elevator at home, just ask for a packet of hot sauce.
    • Road rule #3: Chew for 10 seconds. Fast food refers to how fast you can get it, not how fast you should eat it! One study looked at the effect of chew time and bite size on satiety and overall caloric intake. The study found that both taking small bites and increasing the chew time significantly decreased the overall amount of food the subjects ate, likely because smaller bites with more chewing allows you to really blast your taste buds with flavor. So, take small bites and chew for at least 10 seconds. You’ll eat less and savor the flavors like never before!
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