How much calcium should I take daily in supplement form?

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  • ADebra Fulghum Bruce PhD, Healthcare, answered
    For adults, the recommendation is approximately 1,000 mg per day, reaching up to 1,500 mg daily for teenagers, pregnant and lactating women, postmenopausal women not taking estrogen, and men and women over 65. You can reach these recommended amounts by consuming three or four servings of calcium-rich foods such as an 8-ounce glass of milk, an 8-ounce cup of yogurt, one ounce of cheese, calcium-fortified juice, salmon, and green, leafy vegetables.
  • AWilliam Salt, MD, Gastroenterology, answered
    Men should take 1,000 to 1,200 milligrams of calcium a day; women under sixty should take about 1,200 of calcium a day. Women over sixty should take 1,600 milligrams of calcium each day. Since most of us cannot absorb more than 600 milligrams of calcium at a time, it is best to divide the daily dose in two and take it twice a day.
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  • AJill Weisenberger, Nutrition & Dietetics, answered
    Adults should get between 1000 -- 1200 mg calcium daily depending on age. Low calcium intakes over the long term cause low bone mass and could lead to osteoporosis and increased bone fractures. If you choose to supplement, take no more than 500 mg calcium at a time because you cannot absorb calcium well in higher doses. So, for example, if you are going to take 1000 mg calcium daily, take two doses of 500 mg each. If you choose a calcium carbonate supplement, take it with meals. You can take calcium citrate either with or without food. For detailed meal planning and advice on supplements, you should meet with a registered dietitian.  
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