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What are some overuse injuries of the foot and ankle?

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  • AAaron Nelson , NASM Elite Trainer, Sports Medicine, answered
    Some overuse injuries of the ankle include tendinitis (inflammation of the tendons). Common areas of tendinitis in the ankle are to the anterior tibialis (top or dorsal side of the ankle), posterior tibialis (medial/inside side of the ankle), peroneals (lateral/outside of the ankle) and the achilles (back of the ankle).

    Some overuse injuries of the foot include retrocalcaneal bursitis (between your calcaneous and Achilles tendon), Server's disease (chronic inflammation of the Achilles tendon attachment), plantar fasciitis (bottom medial/inside part of the foot), Morton's neuroma (mass of tissue in the plantar nerve, usually between the 3rd and 4th metarasal heads which is below the toes) and Turf Toe (sprain of the great toe).
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