Bipolar Disorder

Are there alternative treatments for bipolar II disorder?

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  • Though they are not to be used in place of doctor-recommended medication and therapy, several alternative therapies can be used as additional treatments for bipolar II disorder. Omega-3 fatty acids have been shown to be successful in improving depression, as has acupuncture - though both are lacking complete scientific evidence. The herb St. John's wort has also as improved some cases of depression, though it is not recommended because of its interactions with other medications and possible manic side effects. Yoga as a stress relief technique and form of exercise is a beneficial way live a healthy lifestyle with bipolar II disorder.

  • ADonna Hill Howes, RN, Family Medicine, answered
    Experts are not sure how alternative therapies can assist with bipolar disorder ll. The traditional Chinese medicine practice of acupuncture may help ease depression with bipolar II disorder, although, more research is needed. Acupuncture is found to have few risks and can be used along with conventional medicine treatments. Yoga is another alternative way to help ease anxiety and mood swings. Massage therapy has many stress-relieving benefits that may help ease your symptoms of depression and hypomania, especially if you are experiencing high anxiety.
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