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How should I care for my breast biopsy incision?

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    The day after your stereotactic/ultrasound guided breast biopsy:
    • Remove the outer dressing, if present. Do not remove the Steri-Strip.
    • You may take a shower or tub bath with the Steri-Strip in place.
    • You may notice some tenderness and bruising around the site of your biopsy; this is normal.
    Continued care:
    • A breast care nurse will contact you to check your progress and answer questions.
    • Cut away the ends of the Steri-Strip as it peels off on its own. After one week, any remaining strip may be removed.
    • If the Steri-Strip falls off, replace it with a Band-Aid. Replace the Band-Aid daily.
    Please call:
    • If you notice excessive bleeding, redness, heat, or have severe pain from the biopsy site contact your physician, the Breast Center, or the Radiology Department as you are instructed.
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