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What supplements can get rid of belly fat?

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  • AMehmet Oz, MD, Cardiology, answered
    Here are three “power pills” that pack a punch:

    Fucoxanthin is a compound derived from edible seaweed and has been shown in studies to burn stubborn belly fat. You can get fucoxanthin from a nutritional supplement called Xanthigen, which combines brown seaweed fucoxanthin and pomegranate seed oil. Try 200 mg daily to burn away the pounds.

    Moving from the sea to the trees, Sacha Inchi is derived from a nut grown in the Andes Mountains and rain forests of Peru. It’s loaded with vitamin E, omega-3s, and anti-inflammatories that attack belly fat. Take 600 mg once a day.

    L-arginine rounds out the metabolism power pack. Studies showed L-arginine, when combined with exercise, boosted and restored the hormonal balance that promotes lean muscle mass. Take 2,000 mg three times a day.
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