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Is numbness associated with cervical spinal stenosis?

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  • AAngela Mark, MD, Neurology, answered on behalf of NorthShore University HealthSystem
    Absolutely. Numbness of the arms and/or legs are very common in spinal stenosis.
  • ARonald Tolchin, DO, Physical Medicine/rehabilitation, answered on behalf of Baptist Health South Florida

    The abnormal narrowing of the cervical spine of the neck can lead to numbness. Narrowing in the upper spine can cause numbness, weakness or tingling in a leg, foot, arm or hand.

    In severe cases, nerves to the bladder or bowel may be affected, leading to incontinence or retention.

    You should see a doctor if you have persistent pain, numbness or weakness in your back, legs or arms.

  • AStephen Wechsler, Chiropractic Medicine, answered

    Stenosis anywhere in the body can cause numbness in any area of the body below the stenosis. The first thing I would address is the inflammation. As an Ayurvedic practitioner and Chiropractor, I look to reduce the inflammation through herbs such as Boswellia and Gugglu, as well as supplement with B vitamins.

    As Chiropractor I find that a Chiropractic adjustment even to an unrelated area to the Stenosis can reduce the pressure on the nerves and spinal cord as a whole.

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