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What skills should a 7-month-old baby be able to do?

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  • AMichael Roizen, MD, Internal Medicine, answered
    Here are the skills, traits, or habits a child will typically have developed by seven months of age:

    Social and Emotional

    • Interested in mirror images
    • Responds to other people's emotions
    • Explores with hands and mouth
    • Struggles to reach for objects
    • Starts to have preference for a given person
    • Personality unfolding

    • Looks when own name is spoken (generally eight to twelve months)
    • Responds to sound by making own sounds
    • Uses voice to show emotions
    • Babbles

    • Rolls front to back and back to front
    • Sits with support of hands at five months; without support of hands at six months
    • Reaches with hands and moves objects from hand to hand
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