Avoiding Pain & Injury During Exercise

What can I do if my low back hurts when I exercise my core?

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  • ASadie Lincoln, Fitness, answered on behalf of barre3
    You are not alone. This is a common question. Often limiting your range of motion or focusing on isometric exercises, such as plank with a long spine, will help decrease any discomfort in your lower back. If that doesn't relieve your back, we recommend using a small towel, or a fit ball like we use at barre3, to help support and stabilize your back without losing any connection to your core.
  • Your low back should not hurt when performing core exercises. If you repeatedly have pain while performing core exercises, cease the activity and seek physician consultation. While performing core exercise be sure that you are fully engaging the core muscles. Before beginning any exercise, perform the drawing in maneuver to activate the core musculature. Keep the drawing in position throughout the duration of the exercise.

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