How should I take glipizide-metformin?

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  • AStacy Wiegman, PharmD, Pharmacy, answered
    Glipizide-metformin is usually taken by mouth with meals as directed by a doctor. Children and the elderly should consult their doctor about proper dosage. Glipizide-metformin is only part of a program to treat diabetes. It must be paired with a healthy diet and exercise. Do not stop taking glipizide-metformin without your doctor's okay, even if you are feeling well.
    Since glipizide-metformin lowers your blood sugar levels, it can sometimes result in blood sugar levels that are too low, or hypoglycemia. In order to avoid a hypoglycemic episode, you should try to avoid stress and alcohol, as well as eat regular meals. If your glucose levels drop too low and you suffer from a hypoglycemic episode, there are several things you can do to bring your levels back up. These include consuming a sugar source like orange juice, milk, candy or glucose gel, or using an injection of glucagon.

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