What are the possible side effects of Zotrim?

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  • AStacy Wiegman, PharmD, Pharmacy, answered

    The most common side effects of Zotrim (sulfamethoxazole-trimethoprim tablet and phenazopyridine tablet) include vomiting, nausea and loss of appetite. Common allergic reactions include rash and itching. Additional side effects include weakness, fatigue and insomnia. Some deaths have occurred due to severe skin reactions, liver injury and serious blood disorders. Zotrim can cause:

    • blood disorders
    • allergic reactions
    • angioedema
    • drug fever
    • itching
    • hives
    • sensitivity to light
    • skin disorders
    • systemic lupus erythematosus
    • liver disorders
    • kidney disorders
    • abdominal pain
    • diarrhea
    • psychiatric issues
    • depression
    • hallucinations
    • nervousness
    • convulsions
    • dizziness
    • headaches
    • musculoskeletal problems
    • shortness of breath
    • cough
    Zotrim for urinary tract infections should not be confused with the OTC weight loss product also called Zotrim.

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