How should I take care of myself after acupuncture?

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  • ADaniel Hsu, DAOM, Alternative/complementary Medicine, answered
    Dr. Daniel Hsu - How should I take care of myself after acupuncture?

    The answer to this question depends on the ailment for which acupuncture was sought. If one had an injury to begin with, then one should take it easy after acupuncture. Remember, although the perception of pain may be decreased after acupuncture, the injury still exists. However, if one were receiving acupuncture for stress for example, then regular activity can resume immediately. Ask the doctor or practitioner administering your treatment for specifics as to how to take care of yourself after acupuncture.

    Find out why, and how you should take care of yourself after having acupuncture, by watching this video.

  • ARobin Miller, MD, Integrative Medicine, answered
    After an acupuncture treatment it is important to stay well hydrated and to get plenty of rest. Some people feel energized after a treatment while others feel tired. It is important to listen to your body.  


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