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How long should a typical acne pimple last?

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  • AEllen Rome, MD, Pediatrics, answered
    Dr. Ellen Rome - How long should a typical acne pimple last?
    Watch as Dr. Ellen Rome discusses how long a typical acne pimple lasts and how to properly treat it.

  • ADoris Day, MD, Dermatology, answered
    Some people note that their pimples last for months before finally going away. Comedones, the plugged hair follicles, can last for weeks or months or longer if not treated. Inflammatory lesions usually clear within days to weeks; however, marks (red and eventually brown) can be left behind that remain for months longer. Also, because acne can recur in the same spot -- sometimes just as the lesion is beginning to clear -- it can flare again, which makes it seem like it is lasting for months.

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